BitTornado 0.3.17

John Hoffman, a.k.a. Shad0w (Freeware)

BitTornado is a bitTorrent client program developed by John Hoffman. It was first released in 2004. It is the successor of the Shadow’s Experimental Client. This BitTorrent client uses the Python programming language mainly for platform independence. Because of this, the program can be utilized server-side on various servers supporting python programs.

The program’s interface is kept minimalistic. It is a simple dialog box that provides most of the important details on its main interface. When launched, it asks users to open the file to be downloaded. The program also provides details regarding the files being downloaded. Users can also check the information about the trackers connected to the torrent file via the Details window. This window also shows the number of pieces and the total size of the file. There is also an Advanced window, which displays information regarding each of the downloaded torrents, which include its download speed. Users can also configure the program’s settings via the Preferences window.

BitTornado’s Preference window offers users with basic and advanced configuration options. Basic configuration options mainly include customization settings such as changing the gauge colors, default save path, font, and others. Advanced configuration options allow users to tweak how the program downloads and uploads file. These include default maximum download rate, port range, local IP, minimum number of peers, file locking, and more.