BitSpirit (Freeware)

BitSpirit is a manageable and powerful torrent -sharing client that allows for speedy and easy download of different types of files.  It is designed to function without interfering with other computer programs and can be used on any conventional computer system. It is commonly used for transferring large chunks of software, movies and complete albums of music.  It can also be used in creating new torrents for sharing. In addition, its simple interface with its organized layout and well-labeled buttons, allows users of all levels to make use of this application.

BitSpirit makes use of a small amount of a system’s resources. Its interface is designed in a way that the left portion displays torrent files that have already been downloaded.  On the other hand, the right portion shows current uploads and downloads.  A “Setting Wizard” option along with other settings options allow for flexible customization from the user. The application comes with a handful of features such as proxy support, disk cache, schedule downloading, chatting, NAT or DHT networks traversal.  Lastly, the kind of Internet connection to be used in downloading is a requisite that must be specified through the “Setting Wizard” tool as it auto-customizes the framework of the application.