BitRipper 1.31

Binotex (Freeware)

BitRipper is a simple application that allows users to rip the video from a DVD and save it as AVI files on their own hard disk. There is a default setting but it also allows advanced users to modify some settings including  the codec use, aspect ratio, resolution, and other technical details.

Ripping videos using Bitripper application is simple. The user will just need to insert the original DVD disc into the DVD player and launch the Bitripper application. The software will automatically scan the disc and will display a drop-down menu from which the user can choose the specific segment of the disc will be ripped. This gives the user the discretion to decide whether to rip the whole disc or choose only specific sections. Other key features of this application include the following:

• The software automatically converts the DVD onto the PC memory so there is no need for a huge disk space.
• Simplified procedure for ripping. The user will just need to insert the source disk and follow some intuitive procedures.
• Customization. This feature gives the user a default setting for ripping but also gives them the option to change ripping parameters.
• Bundled app. The ripping process makes use of different functions and will normally require several applications. This software bundles those applications, making the process simpler for the users.
• The software makes use of available codec on the user’s computer. If there are multiple codecs available, the software chooses the best codec for a specific purpose.