BitLord 2.2

House of Life/Sam Heaton (Open Source)

BitLord is a torrent client that was first released in 2004. The software is used for downloading torrent files (audio, video, games, movies, ebooks, etc.) from different torrent sites on the Internet. The program has a built-in search feature so that users can search and download torrent files within the application’s interface. After searching for a file to download, the program displays all the related files on the window. Users can click on the ‘Download’ button to start the downloading process. All the current downloads can also be managed on the window.

BitLord has a feature called Comment System, wherein users can share their comments about a torrent file once they have downloaded it. This allows users to see which torrent files are best to download. BitLord allow users to download torrent files simultaneously. Also, users can set the priority level for each download so that more important files will be downloaded first. Larger torrent files that take time to download can be paused and resumed the next time the user logs in, too.

Other features of the BitLord torrent client program are the following:
• Torrent RSS reader
• Tracker adder feature
• Peer exchange with other torrent clients
• Super seeding
• Support for chat