BitKinex 3.2.3

Barad-Dur, LLC. (Freeware)

BitKinex is an FTP client that enables users to transfer files between a local computer and a server. This File Transfer Protocol client also supports other transfer protocols, such as HTTPS, HTTP, WebDAV, SSH, SFTP, and FTPS. The program has a wizard that guides users through the installation of the program.

Upon launching the application, users can view all the connections as a tree-view on the upper part of the main window. This makes it easier for users to view and browse through all their files. Commonly used files can be placed in the Favorites folder. The program also comes with a wizard that guides users through the configuration of settings. Under the Settings window, users can change settings for the bandwidth throttle, file editing, parameters, security, firewall, and others.

With this program, users have complete control over the transfers of files. The progress of reach transfer can also be monitored. Additionally, the application supports batch processing, which allows users to transfer several files all at the same time. The program also features advanced scheduling for management of all files to be transferred. With the set of features the application has to offer, BitKinex can be an alternative to the popular file transfer applications available.