Bitdefender 2012

Bitdefender (Shareware)

Bitdefender 2012 is security software for protecting computers against common threats. The application has an active virus control system that is capable of detecting new viruses. It also has a vulnerability scanner that ensures that security applications are updated. Internet connections and traffic is monitored with the two-way firewall. The program runs quietly in the background and the autopilot feature makes security decisions without disrupting the user.

One of the features of the program is Social Network Protection. This tool goes through the links that are received through networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. It makes sure that links do not lead to malicious websites that contain threats. In addition, the Search Advisor alerts the user of websites that are not safe to visit (Google and Bing searches). Other security features of the application are personal data filter, file and chat encryption, and anti-phishing tools.  

Bitdefender 2012 comes with a Safebox that automatically back up computer files on a remote server. The backup system has free 2 Gb of space. In addition, the program also has a tune-up utility that gets rid of unnecessary files and folders in the system. This can speed up the computer and free up disk space.