BitComet Ultra Accelerator 4.0.3

TrafficSpeeders LLC (Freeware)

BitComet Ultra Accelerator is a download accelerator especially developed for the BitComet download application. It is developed by TrafficSpeeders and released on July 2007. This program speeds up the download process by increasing the bandwidth throttle by setting some parameters. BitComet Ultra Accelerator enables users to specify the search intervals as well as search sources. This gives users more control over download configurations.

BitComet Ultra Accelerator enables accelerated downloads just by clicking the Accelerate button. Downloads may be paused and resumed after pausing even when in Accelerate mode. Even in the event of shutdown, downloads may also be resumed and accelerated.

BitComet Ultra Accelerator user interface features a grey and yellow window with 5 buttons on the top portion showing Start, Stop, Run BitComet, Minimize, or Quit. Start and Stop button controls the BitComet Ultra Accelerator , while the Run BitComet button launches the BitComet application. Minimize button minimizes the BitComet Ultra Accelerator to the system tray. Users can relaunch the program by clicking the icon on the system tray. The Quit button closes the Accelerator user interface. The interface also shows an input box to indicate the network interface utilized by the user. Statistics window shows the connection type, connection status, duration, number of bytes sent, number of bytes received, and the download duration that the program is on Accelerated mode.