BitComet Turbo Accelerator 4.02

WebSpeeders LLC (Shareware)

BitComet Turbo Accelerator is a plugin that is used for the BitComet torrent client. The plugin increases the download speed of torrent downloads by adding more download sources, which in turn add more seeds to the file being downloaded. The program has a small and simple interface that consists of the “Accelerate!” button and statistics for BitComet. There are also three buttons on the right side of the window – run BitComet, Minimize, and Quit.

Settings for the application include the check period where users can set the number of minutes as well as the number of torrents to accelerate. Statistics shows on the window are the status, duration, duration of acceleration, number of bytes sent, as well as the number of bytes received.

Other features of BitComet Turbo Accelerator are the following:

• application can run in the background and its icon can be found on the system tray
• does not use up a lot of resources and does not clog up the system
• program is capable of automatically resuming downloads that were paused
• configuration for the program is saved allowing the user to use the same settings the next time the application is launched
• easy to use even for beginners