BitComet 1.34 (Freeware)

BitComet is a cross-protocol FTP, HTTP and BitTorrent client. It was formerly known as the SimpleBT client and is written in C++. This application is a BitTorrent P2P file-sharing program and a multi-protocol hybrid download manager. It supports real-time download activities and uses different sources across client server protocols and P2P clients when sharing files. The program also has a player for playing Flash Video files such as .swf, and .flv files.

The main features of the BitComet application include an embedded Internet Explorer window, UPnP gateway configuration support, Webseeding, selecting certain files in a torrent package to be downloaded, bandwidth scheduling, NAT traversal, Magnet Links support and initial seeding. The embedded Internet Explorer window is mainly used for searching for torrents via BitComet’s main window.

The BitComet program features a Preview Download Mode. This feature works by downloading a .torrent file sequentially enabling users to play the downloaded single file while still downloading. This is only possible if the piece availability and the download speed remains ahead of the playing bitrate. The program also provides a Torrent Share/Torrent Exchange feature that can be used to share .torrent files with other BitComet users. The program also includes download plug-ins for Internet Explorer, Cometbird, Maxthon and Firefox.