BitCasa (Shareware)

BitCasa is a file storage application that allows storing of files online ("in the cloud"). When files are stored online on Bitcasa's servers, it can be accessed online on any computer as well as by logging in to the user’s personal account.  Files are also made accessible on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This file storage application can upload and save files online up to 10GB on a free account. The pro-version has no storage limits. An infinite number of files can be uploaded in the cloud. The application's software, when installed on the computer, allows syncing of files from the computer into the cloud. If the software is also installed on a second computer, whatever is uploaded and saved in one computer will reflect on the second computer, and online.

Bitcasa's encyrption method protects any file that is uploaded to its servers. This guarantees that only the uploader can access the file he/she uploads. The application also has an algorithm that detects whether a file has already been uploaded in its server by a different user. If a file is already in Bitcasa's servers and is uploaded by a different user, it will not upload the similar file. It will instead mark the original file as available for download by the other user.