Bistro Stars 1

Alawar (Shareware)

Bistro Stars is a match-3 puzzle game with a restaurant theme. In the game, players must serve the customers their orders and flip all the tiles on the board. The game grid consists of various food items, such as French fries, burgers, cakes, coffee, and hotdogs. The player’s goal in each level is to flip each tile at least once. In order to do this, players must create matches of three or more of the same food item. This can be done by using the mouse button to switch the food items’ places on the grid.

In addition to flipping the tiles on the game grid, players must also serve the customers on the left side of the window. Customers will be appearing throughout the game and their orders will be displayed on the left panel of the window. At the bottom of the screen, users can view the amount of money they have earned from the level and the time remaining before the day ends. If the player fails to complete the objectives for the level, the level must be repeated. The game features two modes of play – Speed and Classic. There are also single game modes available for quick gaming.