BirthdayRemember (Freeware)

BirthdayRemember is a reminder program developed by BirthdayRemember and released on August 2008. The program enables users to set calendar dates and reminders for easier referencing. The program automatically reminds the user of a date or event saved on the program. Dates that may be saved includes birthdays, anniversaries, or meetings. The program provides several  reminder options. Users can choose to have an email sent to them for the day itself or a few days before the event. Users can configure the program to make a pop-up reminder for the date and time specified in the program. Users may also customize a voice reminder to play out at a specific time. There are also audio presets that users can choose from, including alarm sounds and other audio files.

BirthdayRemember supports third party calendar programs including CSV text files and Microsoft Outlook. Users may synchronize the events in the calendar to the program automatically. The program also provides a link to an online shop. This is highly useful for users with minimal time to go out and get the gifts themselves. The program provides to online gift shops to choose items from and have them delivered at their doorstep.  

BirthdayRemember features a classic grey window user interface. The menubar and task bar is located at the top while the Events list is displayed at the middle. Events are shown with the corresponding name, date, time, and alert type.