tabOO Entertainment (Shareware)

Birdies is a time management game developed by taboo Entertainment and published by Alawar Entertainment. The player takes on the role of a bird babysitter who runs a daycare for baby storks. Their parents drop them off from time to time and it is the player’s responsibility to look after them until their respective parents pick them up. The number of baby storks may vary from time to time, so the player must be prepared some major multitasking. As soon as the young birds are dropped off, the player must place them in a nest and immediately give them food. A few helpers are at the player’s disposal in case the baby storks become hungry while they are resting on the tree.

The player will know that the birds are starting to feel tired when a tiny arch appears above their heads. When this happens, the player must sing them a lullaby. To give the birds water, the player must pick up a leaf from the ground, put some water in it, and bring it to the thirsty bird. As the game progresses, the young birds will grow more demanding and the player will have to keep them happy by providing some entertainment. At the end of the day, the stork parents will pick them up and pay the player according to the satisfaction level of the baby storks. Earnings can be used to purchase upgrades and improvements for the daycare.