BioWare Premium Module: Neverwinter Nights - Witch's Wake

BioWare Corp. (Proprietary)

BioWare Premium Module: Neverwinter Nights - Witch's Wake is the third in a series of premium modules in the expansion pack Neverwinter Nights: Kingmaker. The game pack includes the main module Kingmaker and the minor module ShadowGuard. Kingmaker is an expansion pack of Neverwinter Nights, a third-person role-playing game. It runs in real time and the story evolves even when the player is not online. This module makes use of an original setting that is unrelated to the other locations in the other areas of Neverwinter Nights.

This module starts on a battlefield, where the player character awakens with no memories of what has happened. The character will get a chance to talk to a dying prince, who asks the character to tell the king the “she” is dead. The character will meet another character, the Ragpicker, who offers information along with items for trade and sale. She will also suggest the player seek out the Night Hag, who can help the character uncover her past.

The player character will go on looking for answers while either avoiding or overcoming dangerous situations. She gets to visit the Plane of Sorrow, where the world of the living merges with that of the dead. The character will also be tasked to look for a man who may have the answers she seeks.