BioWare Premium Module: Neverwinter Nights - ShadowGuard

BioWare Corp. (Proprietary)

BioWare Premium Module: Neverwinter Nights – ShadowGuard is the second premium module in the expansion pack Neverwinter Nights: Kingmaker, which also includes the main module Kingmaker and the minor module Witch’s Wake. Kingmaker is an expansion pack of Neverwinter Nights, developed by BioWare Corp. as a third-person role-playing video game. It runs in real time; the story continues even when the player is not connected to the Internet.

In this module, the player takes on the role of the son of Ocaris, a leader in the city of Ghaarak in Abaron. The player character is a student who is about to finish his studies. The first part of the game is the character’s graduation ceremony, in which he must choose one of three magical symbols to be his own. The character and his friends eventually become members of the Shadowguard, a secret organization that protects the kingdom from different threats. As a Shadowguard member the player character will be tasked to accomplish various challenges, including taking down a slaver syndicate.

One of the things that threaten the peace and freedom of the city is the arrival of the Crimson Prophet, a mage who will stop at nothing to destroy the empire. The succeeding events will soon force the character to escape the city along with other members of Shadowguard.