BioShock takes gamers to a strange underwater city where they have to survive by avoiding detection, collecting weapons, and fighting their way against the deadly genetically-enhanced enemies they encounter. It is a survival video game that was first released in 2007.

More than a simple shooting game, however, BioShock immerses players into a morality-based storyline where their choices of whether to kill or not to kill will have an impact on the outcome.  With its impressive graphics matched by heart-pounding musical score, the city called Rapture – once-utopia-turned-dystopia – comes alive, with a kind of eeriness that forces the players to sense the urgency of simply trying to stay alive.

BioShock offers players with a variety of weapons that they can gather throughout the game.  With money collected, they can purchase ammo and other equipment from vending machines, or they can gather parts and invent their own customized weapons.  Completing a mini-game will give players the ability to hack these machines as well as other items like safes, locked doors, and others, all to their advantage.  Throughout the game, players will find different items that would give them power, add strength and vigor, increase their ability to manage machines, improve attack and defense, and more.