Egis Technology Inc. (Proprietary)

BioExcess is a bio-security software designed by Egistec and released in August 2012. BioExcess allows users to secure their information by restricting and allowing access only through fingerprint identification. Normally, access to the computer is achieved through account name and password entry. However, the BioExcess program provides another level of protection. It also secures files through data encryption and allows users to save encrypted files on invisible storage space. This secure invisible disc may only be accessed through biometric scan.

BioExcess features Biometric PC Logon, which allows users to login using fingerprint scanning. It also features Fast User Switching for computers with multiple users allowing users to logon to a specific account by simply scanning their prints. BioExcess users can also customize logon to specific websites through fingerprint scanning. They can also customize which programs may be launched by specific fingerprints. These are the Password Bank and Application Launcher functions, respectively. BioExcess also combined these two to create SwipeOne. BioExcess also features a Multilauncher, which allows users to launch and open favorite websites with just one fingerprint swipe. These websites may include chat and email programs and social network sites.

BioExcess allows users to choose between password entry or fingerprint scanning access. Secure data encryption is done through AES encryption algorithm to provide additional protection during file transfer and email attachments. BioExcess can also perform data backup and data recovery.