BioEdit 7.2.0

Tom Hall for Ibis Biosciences (Freeware)

Tom Hall created the BioEdit program. It was initially released in 1997, while the latest release of the program occurred in 2013. This is a program used for the sciences. It serves to provide scientists with computing tools that will allow them to virtually edit the alignment of biological sequences. It was created to run on Windows operating systems.

This program can be considered a scientific word processor. What it does is act as a text editor, but one that does not handle ordinary words, phrases, and sentences. Instead, it works via the manipulation and management of biological sequences. It has been enhanced to carry various features that allow for easy editing and data manipulation. The features of BioEdit have been created to increase one's efficiency in encoding and manipulation various sequences. The program also comes equipped with a sequence bank where all inputted data is stored for future usage. Users can easily download the saved and modified biological sequences. Aside from this, the final sequences can also be sent to another virtual program.

There are several prominent program features, such as:

• Translation support for nucleic acid alignment data
• ABI trace access support
• Graphical matrix data support and tools
• Plasmid drawing and annotation
• Automated ClustalW alignment support