Binverse (Freeware)

Binverse is an all-in-one solution specifically developed for the Usenet network. The program is released by Binverse on January 2010. It enables users to access Usenet, search for files, and download them to their own computer. Usenet is an Internet discussion system distributed worldwide resembling common Internet forums. These networks contain more than 800 terabytes of media files including documents, pictures, music, and program files. The program enables users to access these files and perform comprehensive searches within the network. Users may download files from the network, the download duration heavily dependent on the user’s Internet connection.

Binverse made Usenet accessible even to amateurs. Before Binverse, Usenet is mostly accessible only to Internet savvy users. With this program, users can view, search, and download files with no hassle. The Binverse user interface features a Windows-like interface with three tabs on the top corresponding to Files, Text, and Photos. The search input bar is located on the upper left portion with the Search button beside it. Users may specify the search locations or Newsgroups to perform the search in. Search results are located at the bottom in groups of 15, shown as thumbnails.  Slideshow view may also be enabled. The Download button is located alongside the buttons for Slideshow, Select All, and Select None. When there are numerous search results, users can view the other results using numbered shortcuts.