BinTube Accelerator

BinTube LLC (Freeware)

BinTube Accelerator is an application used together with the BinTube Usenet Reader or just about any client from Usenet. This tool is capable of increasing download speeds up to 10 times faster than the regular download speed. In addition, it has other features that allow users to manage all their downloads.

The program’s main window consists of three menus – File, Options, and Help. All the downloads and uploads can be seen as a list on the window as well. Other information provided includes the number on the download queue, SSL, download or upload speed in KB, and the status of the download. Users can also view the speed on the graph located at the bottom part of the main window. This shows the realtime download speed.

Other features of the BinTube Accelerator application are the following:

• All traffic from Usenet are secured using 256 bit encryption
• Comes with an automatic download rate limiter that limits the traffic on Usenet to make room for other Internet activities that need to be done
• Support for automatic and manual scheduling of downloads
• The application keeps track of all downloads (yearly, monthly, and daily) in order to keep track of files from each newsreader