Billiards Pyramid 1

Falco Software (Freeware)

Billiards Pyramid is a PC game developed by the company Falco Software, Inc. This game is also referred to as Moscow Billiards. This game can be played in two ways. One is the single player mode, in which the user plays against the computer. The other one is the two-player mode, which is played by 2 players using the same computer. Players can have a billiard game in one or more tables.

Billiards Pyramid is not just a pool game. It features exercises and trainings that beginners or amateurs can take to improve their skills. This is a great opportunity for them to develop their strategies, and enhance their techniques of playing billiard. In addition, there is a trick shot mode they can select to learn some tricks in hitting and pocketing balls. Users can choose their virtual 3D players or avatars.

In this game, types of playing billiards vary. Players may select American Pool, Big Russian, Small Russian, or English pool. It features different ball sets. There are also different rules that must be strictly followed to avoid getting a foul. This game enables players to modify the settings.

Technically, this PC game application is designed with an anti-aliasing algorithm. This makes it easy and navigable for players to adjust balls and cues. It also helps in reducing the need to use high video card resources.