PopCap (Shareware)

BigMoney is a tile-matching puzzle game program developed and published by PopCap Games. It was first released on June 4, 2002. The goal of the game is to collect a certain amount of moneybags in order to proceed to the next level. The amount of moneybags to be collected increases as the level gets more difficult. The game has three modes – Action mode, Puzzle and Strategy mode. In the Action mode, the coins are constantly rising. In the Strategy mode, the coins will not rise until the player removes a group. In the Puzzle mode, the player’s goal is to clear a particular arrangement of coins.

The game occurs on a grid filled with colored coins. The coins can be collected by clicking on sets of 3 or more coins of the same color. The collected coins are used to fill the money meter found at the right side of the game’s interface. Once this money meter is filled, a moneybag will be dropped on any area in the grid. The level will only be completed if the player clicks on a set of coins where the moneybag is placed. Aside from the coins, there are also other items and bonuses present in the game giving the player more advantage. For instance, if the player clears a column, additional points/coins are given. There’s also a money sign dropped anytime and anywhere on the grid. This money sign can remove all the coins of a certain color.