BigFoot 4x4 Challenge 1.0

MyPlayCity Inc. (Freeware)

BigFoot 4x4 Challenge is a racing game that simulates the experience of off-road driving using monster trucks. The main goal of this game depends on the game mode users choose. In Capture the Flag, players need to chase the red flag in order to win. In Sprint, players need to race straight to the finish line ahead of opponents to win.

Before starting the game, the player chooses an off-road vehicle among the several Bigfoot cars available. The player can customize the Bigfoot vehicle by changing its color. After choosing the car, the player can start racing. Some race tracks will require the players to go through a forest, traverse a mountain, or drive through watery terrain. The game features 3D visualization that gives the experience a hint of realism, in addition to the arcade-type controls and gameplay involved.

In BigFoot 4x4 Challenge, there are sponsors that provide the player with cash prizes whenever extra points are acquired and races are won. The money can be used to entering the tuning garage, where vehicle upgrades can be tweaked and purchased to make the car faster and more maneuverable. After each race, the players can level up and proceed to the next race.