BigBrotherBot 1.9.2

Michael Thornton (Bundled)

BigBrotherBot or B3 is an in-game RCON Tool that takes control of servers dedicated to computer gaming. With this program server administration package all the tasks needed for daily system administering is accomplished efficiently. This is a utility that ensures server safety and security. The comprehensive functions make this server administrator program a complete and reliable tool especially designed with the needs of gaming systems in mind.

BigBrotherBot is completely automated server admin system designed primarily to free the server from gaming derelicts, team killers, offensive language and similar offenses. The warning system employed is 100% customizable and suited for the specific needs of the system using it. A time limit for banning computer gamers who perform offensive acts is determined by the system. Punishment that is corollary to the behavior is immediately implemented. The player is banned, kicked out, or denied access. In order to keep track of player history, all the bans, kicks and warnings issues to players are recorded. This database can be accessed by the server administrator at any time.

BigBrotherBot supports a wide range of game titles across different genres. Some of the more popular games supported are WoP, Open Arena, Medal of Honor, BattleField Bad Company, Call of Duty, and Enemy Territory. It currently supports FrostBite engine and q3a.