Frontier Aja (Proprietary)

Big Bang Beat – Revolve is a dōjin fighting game developed by the company Frontier Aja, which was released in August of 2011. It is the sequel to Big Bang Beat – 1st Impression, and features a few character additions like Erika, Kamui, and Kinako. This 2D fighting game can be played in both single-player and multi-player modes, and has eight game modes for players to choose from. In the Story mode, the character is subjected to a series of random battles with two bosses that have already been set up from the beginning. Any character that the player chooses is destined to face Devil Daigo, and if he is defeated, the player will have to fight Kamui.

In Survival mode, randomly selected opponents are pitted against the player’s character in an endurance run until the player is knocked out. The Training mode enables the player to customize certain features and practice fighting techniques against an opponent. The game also has a Replay mode that plays back a previously recorded fight. The VS Hum and VS Com modes allow players to engage in a one-on-one match with a human opponent and computer-generated opponent, respectively. Big Bang Beat – Revolve also features a “combo-breaker” wherein the player can eliminate simultaneous enemy attacks with certain button combinations.