Big Screen EPG

mobilewares (Shareware)

Big Screen EPG is an application that enables Windows 7 users to import files pertaining to the XMLTV service to their computer’s Media Center. Users can also manage the TV guide listings for the Media Center directly from this application. It comes with a Configuration Tool that provides Setup Wizards as well as options for customizations. From this application, users can schedule recordings and find shows easily through the application’s Automatic Series Matching feature, in addition to its image and metadata import functions. The application will record shows even when their computer is not attended; this is possible through the built-in scheduled task management helper feature.

Users begin my assigning an XMLTV provider that Big Screen EPG will use. The left portion of the main window shows a link to “Add an XMLTV Provider”. Users can click on this and follow the stages indicated for setting up the provider. Once done, users can assign channels to their TV guide listings, mark channels as HD, and configure other customization options.

This application lets users change the names of channels and listings. They can assign genres and ratings to shows, and add logos to channels for quicker visual identification. Users can also edit the links between their Media Center classifications and the program metadata. With this tool, users can customize and adjust their listings according to their preference