Big Mutha Truckers

Eutechnyx (Proprietary)

Big Mutha Truckers is a racing video game in which players are given various tasks as drivers of 18-wheeler trucks. The story of the game revolves around four siblings named Earl, Bobbie-Sue, Cletus, and Rawkus and their quest to inherit their family’s trucking business. Their mother Ma Jackson gives each of them 60 days in which to accomplish several deliveries to different places in Hick State County. Players select a sibling to start the game. Through the deliveries, players will earn money through trade and shipping. There are also challenge games and mini-races that can be played to increase wealth. The sibling with the most money at the end of 60 days stands to gain ownership of the company.

Players must accomplish their deliveries as soon as they can by skillfully driving their 18-wheeler trucks and navigating the highways between the six locations of the game, which are the following: Capital City, Salt Sea City, Smokestack Heights, Skeeter’s Creek, Greenback, and their home base, Big Mutha Truckin’ Incorporated. Each of the cities has three featured locations that players can go to in order to advance in the game: a store, a bar, and a garage.

Players can earn extra cash by smashing their trucks into other vehicles, but they must take care to avoid biker gangs and the police.