Big Money! Deluxe

PopCap (Freeware)

Big Money! Deluxe is a puzzle game wherein the player has to click coins that are grouped in three to make them disappear in the game. The game is set on a grid. There are different coins in the game. These coins have different colors. The player clicks on coins of the same color that are grouped in three. Clicking these similar coins eliminates them from the game screen. Coins are added in the grid after removing grouped coins at the lowest portion of the game screen. Each time the player eliminates coins, a coin meter stacks up on the right side of the game's screen. When the coin meter is full, it drops on the grid as a "money bag". To get this money bag (which is technically, "points" in the game), the player has to eliminate the coin right under it. Gathering the required amount of points in each level prompts the player to move to the next.

Big Money! Deluxe has three gameplay modes. In "Action", new coins are added on the grid after a few seconds. In "Strategy", the coins are added only after the player makes his move. In "Puzzle", players are tasked to clear all the coins on the game screen.

The game also features three difficulty options - Easy, Hard, and Normal.