Big City Adventure: Vancouver

Jolly Bear Games (Shareware)

Big City Adventure: Vancouver is a casual computer game that mixes puzzle solving with hidden-object gaming. In this game, the player and his family have already toured a number of other tourist locations, such as Sydney and San Francisco. This time, they go to Vancouver and explore the city in and out. The game offers around 69 levels that require the solving of said puzzles and the identification of hidden items. Each level happens in a different location.

Big City Adventure: Vancouver has levels that contain both a hidden object location and a puzzle. When both are solved, the game lets the player go to the next location, where a new set must be solved. In the hidden objects portions of the game, there is a list of items that must be found on the game screen. When these items are found, these are then crossed off the list. In the list, there are words in the color blue. These items are in the game screen's special areas. These areas must be zoomed in first before being examined. Hints are available to be used as well. Some hints point to a number of objects at once.

The puzzles in this game come in different varieties. There are jigsaw puzzles and word puzzles also. As the levels progress, the puzzles generally become more difficult.