Big City Adventure: New York City

Jolly Bear Games (Shareware)

Big City Adventure: New York City is a desktop game that incorporates elements of the hidden object genre. The game sets the player to find objects hidden in several scenes and sets in various places in New York City.

Many well-known landmarks in New York are used as sets in the game. These include, but are not limited to, Times Square and Central Park. Over sixty scenes from the city are used in the game, highlighting famous architectural pieces and cultural land marks along the way. While the main objective of the player involves finding objects deep within each set, found items offer players the chance to earn trophies and other incentives that they can use to unlock more challenging levels in the game.

Mimicking the techniques used in earlier Big City Adventure games, the program is peppered with historical trivia about its featured city. The desktop game usually comes in two versions: one as a trial application that the player can use for 60 minutes, and another as a premium version where additional levels that are not available in the trial version can be played. Mini-games are also playable throughout the game’s mission path, although many of these can only be accessed once a certain prerequisite is achieved, e.g. earning a particular number of trophies that can be used to unlock a mini-game.