Big City Adventure: London Story

Jolly Bear Games (Shareware)

Big City Adventure: London Story is a game concerning hidden objects where players have to look for missing treasures in London. Items that must be found in the scene are on the list provided. Users have to find the item in the scene to cross out the object's name in the list. This is the only way to move to the next stage. Big City Adventure: London story has no difficult settings. It does allow hints to be turned on or off. If it is on, there will be sparkles in the game screen specifying where to find the item. The player can get more hints when the item called "hit coins" are collected. When items are collected, it goes to the inventory. The inventory is located at the bottom of the screen.

The game starts in a museum where a thief drops a note that takes the player around London to look for clues. The player moves from one location to another. This is done to proceed in the game. The game involves puzzle solving and adventure. The game also tasks the player to help a number of characters. Sometimes, these characters ask for help more than once.

The game also provides a map at the bottom of the screen. It serves as a guide for all the locations the player has visited.