Big BumpZ

Matt Dickie (Freeware)

Big BumpZ is a wrestling video game developed by Matt Dickie. In this game, the player aims to earn points by participating in a wrestling stunt tournament. S/he has to execute several outrageous stunts – the crazier, the better. Points increase as the difficulty level of each stunt goes up, too. However, the player must be wary of overexerting his/her character as a single wrong move in the execution could injure the wrestler. When this happens, the player does not earn any points and is made fun of by the crowd. Too many self-inflicted damages will result in a point reduction until it reaches zero, in which case, the game is over.

The game also offers the player to select Tournament Mode, wherein the player has to go through a series of stunt routines and outperform rival wrestlers. Big BumpZ also allows the player to change various aspects of his/her character and tournaments such as appearance, wrestling arena, the number of dummy competitors, and the number of items in each location. Every time a wrestler receives blows or sustains injuries from the opponent, the appearance changes, too. Stunts are executed by clicking on various combinations on the computer keyboard. The game offers more than 50 wrestling moves, 10 arenas, and 30 characters.