BID Queue Manager

Antibody Software (Bundled)

BID Queue Manager is one of the applications available with the Bulk Image Downloader. This application is used for maintaining the list of webpage links or web galleries that will be downloaded using the Bulk Image Downloader application. The program works by sending the list of web gallery URLs one by one to the BID application for download. After BID finishes downloading one of the URLs, Queue Manager automatically deletes that URL from the list and the next link in the Queue Manager starts downloading. The program may be used for downloading multiple web gallery lists without human intervention.

There are two ways to add the list of URLs to the program. The first one is by adding URLs to the program manually. The second way is via web browser integration. If the program is integrated with the web browser, there is an option to add the list to the BID program in the right-click menu. Aside from this, the program also has a function for adding multiple links at once. This enables users to add html files and local BID batch files to the list. The application also offers several options for managing the list of URLs. Users can re-order a single or multiple items within the list. Users can also specify the default download options via the program. Other available options include starting the program when Windows starts, launching the program minimized, displaying drop box, and more.