BID Link Explorer 5.28

Antibody Software (Bundled)

BID Link Explorer is an application included in the Bulk Image Downloader software. Antibody Software developed it for processing websites containing links to several web galleries. Aside from scanning and searching for these websites, this application is also capable of extracting the links from a particular web page then allowing users to view the images on a page. Users also have the ability to choose their preferred gallery links then send these links to the BID Queue Manager (another bundled application) for processing. The program can also be used to open each of the links in an individual BID instance.

The program can work alongside a web browser or as a standalone application. If it is integrated with the web browser, the browser provides an option to open the selected web page using BID Link Explorer. Once it is opened, the program provides a detailed list of all the web gallery links available in the selected web page. If used as a standalone application, users can just launch the program then type or copy-and-paste the URL of the webpage. After entering the URL, the program then lists down all the available web links.

Aside from these, BID Link Explorer also offers the following functions:
• Append links to existing ones
• Remove links from the list after transferring it to the Queue Manager
• Link selection
• Scan filters