Beyond TV

SnapStream Media, Inc. (Shareware)

Beyond TV is a digital video recorder or media center program from SnapStream Media, Inc. Like TiVo, Sky+ and other media center applications and devices, Beyond TV uses a 10-foot user interface design, which enables the user to control the TV using an enlarged menu display that can be seen from a distance of ten feet. With this design, the user can watch, pause, stop, as well as record live TV shows. The software also has the ability to perform scheduled recording. Aside from that, it can be set to regularly record shows. It features an Electronic Program Guide that lets the user determine when TV shows are on. This can be done without requiring the user to search through all the listings.

Here are some of the details of the Beyond TV’s best functionality features:

• SmartSkip technology detects TV commercials to permit the user to weed them out from the recording process.
• Intelligent Program Guide can be set to automatically identify and resolve conflicts that take place during recording.
• Fast search function allows the user to find shows of his preference and their upcoming airings by using titles or keywords.
• The Overlap Detection mechanism distinguishes between high and low priority recordings and operates according to them. For example, when a high priority program is being recorded and exceeds its usual time, Beyond TV continues recording it even if overlaps a low priority scheduled recording.

The recorded shows may be synced automatically to Apple TV, iPod, and iPhone, and may also be burned to a DVD.