Beyond Good & Evil

Ubisoft (Proprietary)

Beyond Good & Evil is an adventure video game about a reporter who is also a skilled martial artist named Jade who is following a lead on an alien scheme. The user takes control of Jade and her allies while solving puzzles, defeating enemies using stealth tactics, and getting photographic evidence as she investigates places and installations. Travelling in the game’s interior spaces, Jade must solve puzzles and move past her enemies to get to places where there is photographic evidence. When enemies attack, Jade’s health goes down and can be increased by food – K-Bups and Starkos and can be increased more than the limited amount by PA-1s. If her health goes to zero, the game restarts at the latest checkpoint. Jade automatically gets killed when she is seen in stealth missions.

In Beyond Good & Evil, the player can direct other game characters (who are all computer-controlled) to help by using contextual commands. Ordering a super attack, the player can bounce enemies in the air, to knock them off in their stance and make them susceptible to attacks. The allies must also have health bars when their health diminishes, with Jade sharing her food supply. The DomZ High Priest is the game’s main antagonist, aided by General Kehck who abducts citizens to sustain the DomZ. Jade earns credits by defeating enemies, taking pictures, and finishing assignments.