Beyond Compare 4.1.2

Scooter Software (Shareware)

Beyond Compare is a file comparison application for comparing two files side-by-side. Items that can be compared include drives, documents, and folders, and even zip files. It is also capable of performing byte-by-byte comparisons. When two files are selected, the program automatically determines the best way to compare them. Beyond Compare has several built-in viewers for comparing different types of files (data files, image files, MP3 information, binary content, version information, and registry entries).

One of the main features of Beyond Compare is 3-way Merge. This tool allows users to combine the changes made in two versions of a document and merge them into one file. The changes are displayed with a color code so that they stand out from the entire text and can easily be reviewed. The changes can then be accepted or rejected by the user. Beyond Compare can also be used as a synchronizing tool. It can backup a computer or website content and users can copy to and from discs as well. All these can be done within the program’s interface. Any unwanted changes and files can be filtered out by the application.

Other features of the program are:
• Support for Unicode filenames and content
• Tabbed interface for session views
• Color coded folder icons
• Auto-saved sessions
• Unlimited undo function after saving