Between the Worlds 1.0

AppSys (Shareware)

Between the Worlds is a casual computer game in the hidden object genre. In this game, crime becomes rampant in Los Angeles. The player is the detective tasked by the sheriff to look for a solution for the crime problem. Along the way, the player realizes that a sorcerer, determined to control and destroy the city, is behind all these criminal activities all along. The player gets an assistant to help him along the way. If the player plays as the male detective, the assistant will be the female Lea. If the player plays as the female detective, she gets the male assistant, named Alex.

In this hidden object game, the player is tasked to find the listed items on the game screen. If the player finds an item, it is removed from the list. There is a specific amount of time to completely find all the items in the screen. Clicking repeatedly on the wrong objects subtracts 60 seconds from the allotted time. Five hints are available to the player in each level; there are thirty-two levels all in all. After finishing one level, the player moves on to the next until the player solves all of the puzzles and finds a solution to defeat the sorcerer.