Between The Worlds 2

Applied Systems Ltd (Freeware)

Between the Worlds 2 is a hidden object game developed by the company Applied Systems Ltd. It allows the player to assume the role of a detective who tries to solve the mystery of the missing professor. The game is set in a small town, wherein the detective encounters a mysterious man who seeks his help in searching for the missing alchemist. Since there is little information about the professor’s whereabouts, the player has to play games in order to solve the puzzle. Game levels range from Easy to Difficult depending on the desired mode of the player.

In Between the World 2, the player/detective has an assistant who provides hints when clicked. The environments transition smoothly, wherein the player can work on standard hidden object games, pattern recognition puzzles, and jigsaw puzzles. One of the environments is the Professor’s own home, which offers a host of clues, cryptic messages, and magical artifacts. First-time players may get instructions from the assistant’s badge or the detective’s diary. The game offers clear and elaborate graphics and a soundtrack that can be turned on or off at any time. Ultimately, the player should discover a magical world, reveal the magic of the pyramid, and get the professor back.