BetterJPEG Team (Shareware)

BetterJPEG is an image editor that enables users to edit videos without having to sacrifice the quality. The program makes the changes without tampering with the quality of the image. The program is simple and easy to use, as it has an explorer-like and intuitive interface.

The application’s main window has command buttons that are located at the top portion of the main window. These include basic commands, such as open, new, close, email, and many others. There are also tools for photo correction, such as the red-eye removal tool, the text tool and the hand tool. Users can import images to the application by clicking on the new button or by selecting a folder of images from the drive. Photos and images opened in the application will appear on the left side of the main window. When an image is selected, it appears on the work area on the right.

Main features of the program include:
• Batch processing – this feature allows users to work on several photos simultaneously in order to save time
• Crop – when using the crop feature, users have complete control over the size of the image and its compression settings
• Grayscale – the application can also be used to convert colored images to black and white