Better Explorer beta 3 update 2 (Freeware)

Better Explorer (BExplorer) is an application that lets users browse digital photos, access one’s music library, or copy files from folder to folder. The program emulates the features of Explorer of Windows 8, like the quick access toolbar, the collapsible ribbon interface (UI) and, plus some added tabs and extra options. These tabs cover the functions of Copy, Paste, or Refresh to the quick access toolbar by right-clicking on any of them. The ribbon toolbar gives access to many other tools and settings, but it can be disabled from the window should the user decide to have a cleaner interface. The difference from the regular Explorer and this program is the tabbed interface, which provides the option of working with multiple folders simultaneously without cluttering the taskbar with a lot of buttons. It also helps improve the speed of the file copying process from different locations.  

Aside from copying and moving files, the ribbon in Better Explorer also has the capability of copying a file’s address to the clipboard. Likewise, the “invert selection” button of the ribbon can choose everything inside a folder with the option of not including some files. The other program features include double panels, synchronized command prompt , and ability to change library and folder icons.