BestCrypt Key 8.3 Build 2889

Passware (Shareware)

BestCrypt Key is a recovery tool that is capable of retrieving passwords from virtual hard drives using the BestCrypt encryption versions 6 to 8. It makes use of three methods for recovering passwords:

• Brute-force Attack – In this method, the application looks for the password by inspecting all character combinations of symbols. Users can input password information (length of the password, pattern, symbol set, and the language) to speed up the process. This method takes the longest, but it checks combinations meticulously.

• Dictionary – This method searches for the password by going through all the words in the dictionary. Users can specify the language and password length. Another feature is reverse password, which allows the program to retrieve passwords that are written in reverse form.

• Xieve – The Xieve method increases the speed of a brute-force attack. It does this by leaving out character combinations that are irrational. In this method, users can provide the symbol set, language, and the length of the password.

The program has an explorer-like window where the menu toolbar and the task buttons are located at the upper part of the window. The left panel displays the recovery progress and the attack summary, while the password found is displayed at the right side.