Best Mario Clone!

Buziol Games Software (Freeware)

Mario Clones is the theme enabled in the various Super Mario games being catered to the gamers and fans alike. The Super Mario series of games has been known as one of the most popular video games and one of the all-time favorite even before the height of the modernized and hi-tech video games. Super Mario series has catered various editions and games of Mario since its original inception in 1981.

One of the latest from the Super Mario series is the Mario Forever. Mario Forever is the reinvention or the remake of the hit and the classic Super Mario Nintendo. It contained the Best Mario Clone. It has to be noted that this is different from the original Nintendo game as it is just a clone and flash developed game for computers.

Super Mario 3: Mario Forever goes the same as the classic Nintendo. The player just have to guide Mario the plumber into 8 different worlds, face different monsters and obstacles so as to beat the evil dragon Koopa or Bowser and finally save Princess Peach who was held captive. This latest version is the same as the classic – technically, without mentioning the advanced graphics used and a lot more options that would help the player win the game. Mario Forever, which features the Best Mario Clone, also has mini games such as Mario Manix, Super Mario Starman Running, Mario Goomba Party, and Mario Funny tanks.