Best Friends

Sproing Interactive Media GmbH (Proprietary)

Best Friends is a dog and cat care simulation game. It was created and distributed by Sproing Interactive Media GmbH and also goes by the name Hunde und Katzen. The game allows players to care not only for a cat or a dog but also for both of these lovely animals, under one roof, from birth to adulthood. The game starts with the selection of a kitten or puppy. The player then has to complete levels, which include tasks such as feeding, playtime, exercise, sleep, and so on. It is as if the player was caring for a real life animal.

As the player accomplishes the different tasks and moves up from level to level, the skills and condition of the animal will be increased allowing it to participate in even more difficult or challenging tasks and games. Apart from the increase in skill points, as players go along, the confidence meter of the animal increases as well. The more confident an animal is with a player, the easier it is for the latter to control the cat or dog during the Best Friends game opening even more opportunities for higher scores and higher skill points.

Aside from the standard tasks and skills training, when enough skill points are accumulated, the player can enter the puppy or kitten in bonus tournaments as well as pet beauty contests to earn more points throughout the duration of the game.