Bentley Rail Track

Bentley Systems Inc. (Proprietary)

Bentley Rail Track is a rail infrastructure design program developed by Bentley Systems Inc. While the program is a standalone product, majority of its features are also included in the younger Bentley solution called Power Rail Track.

Bentley Rail Track aids in designing railroad lines and optimizing their features according to the assigned project. With its powerful features, users can create designs from scratch or edit designs according to certain values and calculations, resulting in accurate railroad modelling.

This software comes with a wide array of tools necessary for designing. All of them are easy to use and can display the design outcome as users manipulate the program. This allows efficient designing because fine-tuning can be conducted and the project plan can be changed if necessary.

Integrated mapping gives way to data interoperability and analysis. Mapping is a crucial tool for railroad designing and this tool will certainly map areas accurately for faster designing process.

The available 3D graphics is a beneficial element in seeing the project’s outcome immediately as planned. Roads, landscapes and other 3D elements guarantee realistic designs that are executed in an accurate manner.

Bentley Rail Track possesses high-end comprehensive tools, but it still performs well and is ideal for every railroad development expert on a deadline. Its user interface is also very easy to navigate and use because it effectively aids in convenient designing, which most busy infrastructure professionals look for in any designing program.