Bengal - game of gods

Intenium GmbH (Proprietary)

Bengal: Game of Gods is a game whose main character is an Indian Bengal tiger.  With a sphere in its hands it is in a scenario where there are two golden monkeys on its upper left and right sides whose mouths serve as exit points of a large number of different colored balls which form tracks on the field. The objective of the game is for the Bengal tiger to aim and throw its sphere at the most number of same colored balls that are juxtaposed to each other while the exit points from the golden monkeys keep on producing more and more different colored balls.

Every correct aim corresponds to points depending on the number of same colored balls that are hit. Another challenge of the game is that the tracks tend to change their shapes throughout the game. One way to optimize earned points is for the tiger to hit power-up balls. These balls have the capacity to paint different colored balls to one specific color, explode several balls, stop the ball line’s movement for a number of seconds, and even move the ball line backward from whence it came. Game over happens when several spheres are able to hit the exit holes.  Speed and quick thinking are imperative in order to level up this game as the degree of difficulty intensifies with each subsequent level.