BellSouth® Scan and Clean Tool

Radialpoint Inc. (Freeware)

BellSouth® Scan and Clean Tool is a security tool developed by Radialpoint Inc. This program is one of the earlier promoted programs included in the BellSouth internet services.

BellSouth® Scan and Clean Tool offers one-time virus scanning and cleaning functions that can be used by BellSouth subscribers. It comes with the company’s services and should be installed before utilizing the online service.

Being a lightweight program, this tool works efficiently and performs very well. It can be downloaded easily right from BellSouth’s archived driver’s page. It features efficient use of and guarantees effective cleaning. Its build is also designed to scan fast to ensure that computers will be free from potential malware attacks that come with Internet connectivity.

Since this tool is a one-time scan, BellSouth recommends installing other full anti-virus programs to ensure updates and more effective cleaning. It will only scan and clean, but without specific continuous protection for users due to the absence of firewall features. The company offers alternatives that offer better protection and full-time protection like its Internet Security programs or other third-party solutions.

BellSouth® Scan and Clean Tool also comes with easy-to-navigate graphical user interface. It allows ease of use for BellSouth DSL service subscribers. This tool, however, does not come with any manual although its simple interface contributes to hassle-free usage whenever the user needs to scan the computer.