Belarc Advisor 8.3b

Belarc, Inc. (Freeware)

Belarc Advisor is a program that provides complete information on the hardware and software of the user’s computer. It analyzes and gives out information on the status and details of the CPU power, primary and secondary memory, the various drives, CD and DVD ROMs, the amount of free space in the system, and others. The program will first analyze and display the information related to the computer’s security status, which includes Virus protection and security updates.

The program builds a detailed summary of the computer’s installed software and hardware that includes serial numbers and presents them in the user’s preferred web browser. This summary profile includes the user’s computer name, dates, Belarc version in use, and displays the link to the three categories it has information on (hotfixes, software licenses, and their versions.) The length of the list depends on the number of programs installed.

Belarc Advisor pinpoints the computer’s weak points, whether the antivirus is updated, and whether the security flaws are taken cared of. It gives out a list of the every program installed on the user’s computer. The asterisks (*) beside each item signify more details which are available for viewing. The data are stored in computer HTML files. The application does not solve problems but gives out clear advice on what to do.