Bejeweled Twist (Proprietary)

Bejeweled Twist is a puzzle game developed by PopCap Games and released on October 2008. It is part of the Bejeweled Game series offered on multiple game platforms like PC, mobile and consoles. In Bejeweled Twist, gems are switched around to form a line of at least three similar gems to garner points. However, instead of the usual vertical or horizontal gem switches, Bejeweled Twist utilizes a circular cursor that rotates four gems in the board in a clockwise direction to arrive at a desired position, hence the Twist.

In comparison to usual Bejeweled Games, which requires that every move form a line of three similar gems, Bejeweled Twist utilizes a different gameplay. Users have no restrictions as to gem movements aside from the circular movement. Each time a line of three is formed, a chain will be added to the multiplier chain to be applied to the accumulated points. However, a move that does not result to a line of three similar gems will break the multiplier chain.

There are four game modes—Classic, Zen, Challenge and Blitz. Classic mode lets user to play till they go up the next level with the challenge of a ticking active Bomb Gem or Doom Gem. Zen mode is similar to the Classic mode absent the time constraints. Challenge mode gives the player successive challenges that they need to complete to move on to the next level. There are two types of challenges: Detonator and Spectrum. Completion of all levels of a challenge unlocks its Eclipse Mode. Blitz mode is similar to the Classic with a definite time constraint of five minutes.

Bejeweled Twist uses 7 normal gems of different sizes and colors, which include square rubies, sphere diamonds, and triangle amethysts. There are also special gems, which include Flame Gems, Lightning Gems, Supernova Gems, Fruit Gems, and Locked Gems.