Bejeweled 3

PopCap Games (Shareware)

Bejeweled is a puzzle video game that was initially released in May 2001. In the game, players must swap the gems on the grid to form a chain of three more of the same kind of gem. Chained gems are removed from the grid and new gems are added. The more gems are removed from the grid, the bigger the score given to the player. When new gems are added to the grid, they sometimes match up to existing gems. These are called cascades. More points are added for this type of match.

Bejeweled has two game modes available: Normal and Time Trial. In Normal mode, players must create combinations to fill up a bar on the screen. The player moves on to the next level when the bar is filled up. The game ends when there are no more possible moves on the grid. In Time Trial mode, the bar is half-full at the start of the game. The bar decreases as the game continues. Players must create matches in order fill up the bar. The game ends when the bar is emptied out. The player moves on to the next level when the bar is filled. As the levels get higher, the game gets harder. The bar is emptied out quicker, too.

Bejeweled is available for different platforms including PC, PDA, Windows Mobile, and Smartphones.